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Nationwide car insurance can cover you for accidents involving other vehicles, vandalism, weather, animals, bodily injuries and more. Our policies are customizable – you can choose the auto insurance policies that suit your lifestyle.

Why to choose Nationwide's Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance from Nationwide gives you peace of mind. When you choose an On Your Side Auto Repair Network® facility, you can get a written guarantee on your car repairs. With their On Your Side Claims® Service, you also get personal service like the On Your Side® Review, an annual check-in with your insurance professional to review your coverage. And with multi-policy and other discounts, such as the SmartRide® and SmartMiles® usage-based programs, you get peace of mind and value.


Ways to save on auto insurance

Ways to save on auto insurance

Nationwide offers a range of car insurance discounts that can help lower your monthly premiums - learn more about each discount type and start saving today.
Multi-policy Save an average of $646 when you bundle home and car insurance with Nationwide.
Claims-free You may qualify for a lower premium on your home insurance when you stay claims-free.
SmartRide Plug in, drive and start saving today. Earn a discount by joining our usage based insurance program that gives you feedback to make safer driving decisions.
SmartMiles Drive less, Pay less. Get the same great coverage as a traditional Nationwide auto policy, but with a flexible monthly rate that's based on how many miles you drive.
Accident free Get a discount by maintaining an accident-free driving record.
Good student Drivers age 16 to 24 who maintain a B average or better are eligible for a discount.
Defensive driving Complete a state-approved safety course and get a discount. (You may have to be 55 or over to be eligible.)
Anti-theft Discount applies if your vehicle is equipped with certain anti-theft devices. Proof of installed device may be required.
Safe Driver Nationwide rewards customers who are free of at-fault accidents and major violations. If you have at least 5 years of safe driving, you could be eligible for a more affordable car insurance rate.
Automatic payments Set up automatic deductions from your bank account and get a one-time discount.

Standard Coverages:

These coverages help protect you, your passengers, or other people on the road in the event of an accident.

  • Bodily injury liability

    If you cause an accident and someone is injured, this coverage can help pay their medical bills and loss of income.

  • Property damage liability

    If you cause an accident, this coverage helps pay for damages to another person's vehicle or property.

  • Personal injury protection

    Learn about PIP coverage and how it may keep you covered in the event of an accident.

  • Uninsured motorist

    Helps protect you and your vehicle from uninsured drivers and hit-and-run accidents.

  • Underinsured motorist

    Helps protect you from drivers who do not have enough insurance to cover the costs of an accident.

  • Medical payments

    Also known as med pay, helps pay medical costs for you and your passengers in the event of a covered auto accident.

  • Vehicle coverages

    These coverages help you with repairing any damage done to your vehicle or another driver’s, as well as providing additional resources if you can no longer use your own car.

  • Collision

    Regardless of who’s at fault, collision can pay for damage to your vehicle if you hit another vehicle or object, another vehicle hits you, or your vehicle rolls over.

  • Comprehensive

    Also known as “other than collision,” this coverage can help pay for damage to your vehicle from vandalism, theft, weather events and accidents involving animals.

  • Towing and labor coverage

    This coverage can help when your car is stuck, broken down or inoperable due to an accident. (If collision coverage is not available.)

  • Rental car expense

    This coverage provides access to a rental car or other transportation while your car is in the repair shop after a covered accident. Also known as loss of use or transportation expenses.

  • Gap coverage

    If your car is a total loss after an accident, this coverage may pay the difference between the actual cash value and what you owe on the lease or loan.

Optional Coverages:

  • Special auto coverages

    You may find these optional features beneficial to add onto your car insurance policy:

  • Accident Forgiveness®

    Avoid a rate increase because of the first at-fault accident or minor violation on your policy.

  • Roadside Assistance

    Get 24/7 emergency help if you need fuel, a tire change, a jump-start or a tow.

  • Vanishing Deductible®

    Earn $100 off your deductible for each year of safe driving, up to $500. Your deductible could vanish completely.

  • Total loss deductible waiver

    Have the physical damage deductible (comprehensive or collision) waived in the event of a total loss.

When it comes to protecting your assets, we make the grade.


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